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Mersa Matruh

Mersa Matruh is a resort town on the Mediterranean coast, located near the border with Libya, an international airport.A favorite vacation spot for residents of Cairo and the central part of Egypt. According to legend, Cleopatra loved to rest in these places, therefore, everything that is somehow connected with the resort is shamelessly exploited by her name: the Cleopatra hotel, the Cleopatra restaurant, many souvenirs and trinkets associated with the Egyptian queen. Real life begins in the summer, when the people of Cairo go here on a well-deserved vacation.In winter, most hotels are closed, beaches are empty, restaurants are open every other time. People call Mersa Matruh "Sharm el-Sheikh for the Egyptians."Local airlines EgyptAir with connections in Cairo. Travel time is an hour. In summer, trains and buses go to this direction from the Egyptian capital, but it is better to choose the latter. Local train connections are specific and not intended for tourists.Local restaurant specialties are tailored to the tastes of holidaymakers, so most establishments specialize in Egyptian and Bedouin cuisine. In any institution you can taste the freshest fish and seafood. For fruits and vegetables, it is better to go to the local market.The Cleopatra Baths are the main tourist attraction of this area. It is not known until the end whether the great queen really rested in these places or is it a purely tourist place. On an excursion, you can go to Alexandria, the nearest large city, to look at the ancient ruins and the old city port.Средиземное мореконечноуступаетморской флорой и фауной Красномуно пляжи здесь очень красивые с прозрачной лазурной водойОтдых в этих местах всецело отдан морю, побережью и водным видам спорта.

Mayrhofen ski resort

Ski resort in Austria - Mayrhofen is located at the very foot of the Eastern Alps and is suitable for families.
Fans of alpine skiing and just lovers of this kind of recreation are in constant search of new slopes that can give them the thrill of the descent or allow them to hone their skiing technique. However, as in any other branch of the tourism industry, among the ski resorts stand out such classic bison, which have long gained fame and established themselves as the most famous ski spots. One of these centers is the Mayrhofen resort.
The village of Mayrhofen is a commune in the Austrian Alps, in the province of Tyrol. It was formed here a very long time ago, and became widely known thanks to the networks of ski slopes spread out on the surrounding slopes. All of them are part of the largest ski complex in this region, so the name of the village Mayrhofen has become a household name among lovers of this type of vacation in the mountains.

The resort is located in the Zillertal valley at an altitude of only 600 meters. Of course, the lifts on the slopes of Ahorn and Penken, which frame the valley, work up to much higher heights, but the village itself is at a level where vacationers practically do not need additional acclimatization. This is one of the reasons the Austrian village is so sought after by skiers of all ages.


Nuweiba, a resort village in the east of the Sinai Peninsula, a former Bedouin village, began to be built up with hotels in the mid-90s.The city center is a small square with a bank, a small market and a supermarket. The city lives on ferry services to Jordan and trade. There are good sandy beaches, but as such there is no tourist infrastructure. It is worth choosing a good hotel with a large territory, otherwise you will become simply bored: there is practically no outside entertainment except the sea.

The best time to travel is autumn and spring (strong winds, sandstorms are possible in winter, very hot in summer).The choice of restaurants is scarce. If you want to diversify hotel breakfasts, lunches and dinners, it is better to go to neighboring Dahab. Local specialties are Egyptian and Bedouin cuisine, fish and seafood dishes.
There are no special attractions in Nuweiba itself, but the excursions are impressive. Trips to the Marble and Tsvetnoy canyons are interesting, from where a magnificent view of the Sinai mountains opens. The resort is bordered by Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. By yacht, you can reach Aqaba in an hour. It is better to do this as part of an excursion group so that the border crossing does not turn into an unpleasant surprise.
There is no special entertainment here. If you are bored without an abundance of shops, full-time clubs and water parks, it is better to choose Sharm el-Sheikh for recreation, where things are better with the entertainment part of the rest. But in Nuweiba there are beautiful beaches and several dive sites at the disposal of vacationers, where you can learn the skill of diving and start exploring the beautiful underwater world.

 Soma Bay

Soma Bay is a young resort on the Red Sea coast, 40 kilometers from the center of Hurghada, geographically belongs to Hurghada.
It is a long line of hotels, shops, gift shops, restaurants, golf courses and water parks. In fact, this place was created specifically for the needs of tourists, so the infrastructure here is excellent. The resort is suitable for seniors, couples and couples with children. It is calm here, lots of entertainment and nice, well-groomed beaches.
Soma Bay is located 40 kilometers from the airports of Hurghada, so there should be no problems with the transfer. As a rule, this direction is used by tour operators, the transfer to the hotel is included in the tour price. If you are traveling on your own, you can take a taxi from Hurghada to the hotel (do not forget to bargain with the taxi driver, you can bring down the price quite well).
This is a tourist area of ​​Egypt, along the hotels there are many restaurants with European and Pan-Asian cuisines, if you get tired of the hotel food.
Soma Bay was created specifically for tourists, there are no attractions within the city. But you can go on an excursion to the Valley of the Kings (modern Luxor), where the tombs of the pharaohs are located (Tutankhamun is also buried here). Currently, there are about 60 tombs, most of them are closed to the public.The resort is aimed at a relaxing, family vacation, so there is not much entertainment here. If your soul requires fun and clubs, it is better to go to neighboring Hurghada. The local infrastructure is perfect for families with children, even the smallest. As for entertainment, there is a golf club with 18 courses (this is a rarity for Egypt).

Golden beach

It is located along the Kerch highway, 117 km from Simferopol. The beach is about ~ 17 km long and 120 meters wide. In other words, there are a number of different beaches within such a distance. But they are all urban, free, and therefore have one common name that united them all together. This beach got this name due to its golden color and unique composition of sand dunes. Sand-shell deposits of golden color imposingly spread like a velvet carpet along the entire Feodosiya beach and beckon passing tourists, like an oriental tale and paradise booths.

1. The entrance to the beach is free, there is no additional payment for the rest.
2. On the territory of the beach, sports grounds, including volleyball courts, function free of charge.
3. Various cafeterias and a nightclub provide their services around the clock.
4. All the necessary beach paraphernalia can be rented from the beach administration at reasonable prices, for example: a sun lounger, umbrella, catamaran, etc.
5. The road transport links to the beach are also ideally developed. You can get to it by shuttle bus number 106, stop - "Golden Beach". The movement from the central stops is free, the route will not take more than 20 minutes. And even less on your car.