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Mayrhofen ski resort

Ski resort in Austria - Mayrhofen is located at the very foot of the Eastern Alps and is suitable for families.
Fans of alpine skiing and just lovers of this kind of recreation are in constant search of new slopes that can give them the thrill of the descent or allow them to hone their skiing technique. However, as in any other branch of the tourism industry, among the ski resorts stand out such classic bison, which have long gained fame and established themselves as the most famous ski spots. One of these centers is the Mayrhofen resort.
The village of Mayrhofen is a commune in the Austrian Alps, in the province of Tyrol. It was formed here a very long time ago, and became widely known thanks to the networks of ski slopes spread out on the surrounding slopes. All of them are part of the largest ski complex in this region, so the name of the village Mayrhofen has become a household name among lovers of this type of vacation in the mountains.

The resort is located in the Zillertal valley at an altitude of only 600 meters. Of course, the lifts on the slopes of Ahorn and Penken, which frame the valley, work up to much higher heights, but the village itself is at a level where vacationers practically do not need additional acclimatization. This is one of the reasons the Austrian village is so sought after by skiers of all ages.

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