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Mersa Matruh

Mersa Matruh is a resort town on the Mediterranean coast, located near the border with Libya, an international airport.A favorite vacation spot for residents of Cairo and the central part of Egypt. According to legend, Cleopatra loved to rest in these places, therefore, everything that is somehow connected with the resort is shamelessly exploited by her name: the Cleopatra hotel, the Cleopatra restaurant, many souvenirs and trinkets associated with the Egyptian queen. Real life begins in the summer, when the people of Cairo go here on a well-deserved vacation.In winter, most hotels are closed, beaches are empty, restaurants are open every other time. People call Mersa Matruh "Sharm el-Sheikh for the Egyptians."Local airlines EgyptAir with connections in Cairo. Travel time is an hour. In summer, trains and buses go to this direction from the Egyptian capital, but it is better to choose the latter. Local train connections are specific and not intended for tourists.Local restaurant specialties are tailored to the tastes of holidaymakers, so most establishments specialize in Egyptian and Bedouin cuisine. In any institution you can taste the freshest fish and seafood. For fruits and vegetables, it is better to go to the local market.The Cleopatra Baths are the main tourist attraction of this area. It is not known until the end whether the great queen really rested in these places or is it a purely tourist place. On an excursion, you can go to Alexandria, the nearest large city, to look at the ancient ruins and the old city port.Средиземное мореконечноуступаетморской флорой и фауной Красномуно пляжи здесь очень красивые с прозрачной лазурной водойОтдых в этих местах всецело отдан морю, побережью и водным видам спорта.

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