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Nuweiba, a resort village in the east of the Sinai Peninsula, a former Bedouin village, began to be built up with hotels in the mid-90s.The city center is a small square with a bank, a small market and a supermarket. The city lives on ferry services to Jordan and trade. There are good sandy beaches, but as such there is no tourist infrastructure. It is worth choosing a good hotel with a large territory, otherwise you will become simply bored: there is practically no outside entertainment except the sea.

The best time to travel is autumn and spring (strong winds, sandstorms are possible in winter, very hot in summer).The choice of restaurants is scarce. If you want to diversify hotel breakfasts, lunches and dinners, it is better to go to neighboring Dahab. Local specialties are Egyptian and Bedouin cuisine, fish and seafood dishes.
There are no special attractions in Nuweiba itself, but the excursions are impressive. Trips to the Marble and Tsvetnoy canyons are interesting, from where a magnificent view of the Sinai mountains opens. The resort is bordered by Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. By yacht, you can reach Aqaba in an hour. It is better to do this as part of an excursion group so that the border crossing does not turn into an unpleasant surprise.
There is no special entertainment here. If you are bored without an abundance of shops, full-time clubs and water parks, it is better to choose Sharm el-Sheikh for recreation, where things are better with the entertainment part of the rest. But in Nuweiba there are beautiful beaches and several dive sites at the disposal of vacationers, where you can learn the skill of diving and start exploring the beautiful underwater world.

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