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 Soma Bay

Soma Bay is a young resort on the Red Sea coast, 40 kilometers from the center of Hurghada, geographically belongs to Hurghada.
It is a long line of hotels, shops, gift shops, restaurants, golf courses and water parks. In fact, this place was created specifically for the needs of tourists, so the infrastructure here is excellent. The resort is suitable for seniors, couples and couples with children. It is calm here, lots of entertainment and nice, well-groomed beaches.
Soma Bay is located 40 kilometers from the airports of Hurghada, so there should be no problems with the transfer. As a rule, this direction is used by tour operators, the transfer to the hotel is included in the tour price. If you are traveling on your own, you can take a taxi from Hurghada to the hotel (do not forget to bargain with the taxi driver, you can bring down the price quite well).
This is a tourist area of ​​Egypt, along the hotels there are many restaurants with European and Pan-Asian cuisines, if you get tired of the hotel food.
Soma Bay was created specifically for tourists, there are no attractions within the city. But you can go on an excursion to the Valley of the Kings (modern Luxor), where the tombs of the pharaohs are located (Tutankhamun is also buried here). Currently, there are about 60 tombs, most of them are closed to the public.The resort is aimed at a relaxing, family vacation, so there is not much entertainment here. If your soul requires fun and clubs, it is better to go to neighboring Hurghada. The local infrastructure is perfect for families with children, even the smallest. As for entertainment, there is a golf club with 18 courses (this is a rarity for Egypt).

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